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Keyword : warrant

Keyword : warrant
Rating = 1
Average (Top 100) = $1.52
Max Value (Top 100) = $10.31
Min Value (Top 100) = $0.63
Date = 12/8/2011

No.KeywordGlobal Monthly SearchesApproximate CPC ()
1car warrant2900$10.31
3warrant officer recruiting6600$5.98
4warrant officer requirements5400$5.18
5warrant officer packet1900$4.9
6warrant in debt4400$4.15
7warrant direct590$4.1
8stock warrant12100$3.4
9warrant officer school4400$3.33
10stock warrants12100$3.17
11traffic ticket warrant720$3
12criminal records check301000$2.91
13criminal record check301000$2.9
14criminal record search246000$2.81
15las vegas warrants1900$1.95
16traffic warrant4400$1.9
17boulder county warrants110$1.82
18search warrant requirements1600$1.79
19traffic warrants3600$1.7
20warrant heaven8100$1.7
21austin warrants2900$1.67
22fort worth warrants1600$1.67
23hcso warrant inquiry1900$1.6
24dallas tx warrants1600$1.49
25hcso warrant2400$1.48
26hcso warrants2400$1.47
27arlington tx warrants590$1.39
28dallas texas warrants1600$1.38
29olmsted county warrants590$1.36
30warrant search las vegas720$1.33
31criminal records1500000$1.32
32criminal record1220000$1.31
33arizona outstanding warrants260$1.27
34arlington texas warrants590$1.19
35denver county warrants210$1.17
36pennington county warrants590$1.12
37ramsey county warrants590$1.1
38bench warrant definition390$1.09
39traffic warrants california91$1.07
40warrants mn3600$1.06
41mn arrest warrants1300$1.06
42arlington warrants1600$1.05
43hennepin county warrants880$1.04
44minnesota warrants3600$1.03
45oc warrants390$1.03
46stearns county warrants170$1.03
47mn warrants3600$1.02
48mn warrant search1300$1.01
49minnesota warrant check880$1.01
50warrants definition9900$1
51san diego warrants5400$1
52wright county warrants91$1
53denver warrants590$0.98
54warrants in mn3600$0.98
55phoenix warrants590$0.97
56minnesota warrant search1300$0.96
57warrant search mn1300$0.95
58warrants in arizona4400$0.94
59arrest warrants minnesota1300$0.93
60warrants in minnesota3600$0.93
61delaware warrant search1000$0.92
62arrest reports301000$0.92
63arizona warrants4400$0.89
64san francisco warrants260$0.89
65az warrants3600$0.88
66warrants in dallas9900$0.88
67define warrant9900$0.86
68warrants in az3600$0.86
69az warrant search1600$0.86
70arizona arrest warrants1600$0.86
71iowa warrants online260$0.86
72criminal warrants2400$0.84
73warrant search az1600$0.83
74free criminal records135000$0.83
75maricopa warrants1900$0.82
76dallas warrants9900$0.8
77nevada warrants1600$0.8
78warrants in nevada1600$0.79
79sandiego sheriff warrants1300$0.77
80probation violation warrant720$0.75
81tampa warrants260$0.75
82maricopa county warrants1600$0.74
83arizona warrant search1600$0.72
84warrant search arizona1600$0.72
85houston warrants1900$0.7
86anoka county warrants390$0.69
87warrant officer pay3600$0.69
89st louis warrants590$0.67
90blue warrant1600$0.67
91warrant inquiry9900$0.66
92immigration warrant590$0.66
93scott county warrants320$0.66
94warrant search nevada480$0.66
95clark county warrants1300$0.65
96colorado warrant search1300$0.65
97arrest records673000$0.65
98criminal warrants search480$0.65
99nevada warrant search480$0.64
101colorado warrants4400$0.61
102bench warrant california1300$0.61
103warrant search colorado1300$0.61
104oc sheriff warrants110$0.61
105warrant website1300$0.61
106immigration warrants390$0.61
107colorado warrants search1000$0.6
108warrants in colorado4400$0.59
109warrant number search720$0.58
110cass county warrants720$0.57
111warrant number2900$0.57
112warrant dictionary480$0.56
113warrant band3600$0.56
114juvenile warrant search91$0.55
115warrants in tx18100$0.55
116public criminal records110000$0.55
117dallas warrant search3600$0.54
118will county warrants880$0.53
119criminal warrant search1000$0.53
120adams county warrants590$0.53
121criminal search warrant1000$0.53
122types of warrants1300$0.53
123denton county warrants880$0.52
124colorado arrest warrants1600$0.52
125arrest warrants colorado1600$0.51
126tx warrants18100$0.51
127bench warrants california880$0.51
128warrant of execution4400$0.51
129military warrants590$0.51
130dallas county warrant search2400$0.5
131parker county warrants110$0.5
132bench warrant40500$0.49
133warrant hotline number91$0.49
134arkansas warrant search480$0.48
135national warrant search590$0.48
136warrants in texas27100$0.47
137texas warrants27100$0.47
138ncic warrant check170$0.47
139hillsborough county warrants1900$0.46
140warrant checks14800$0.46
141warrants texas27100$0.46
142public records1500000$0.46
143warrants online2900$0.46
144people in jail165000$0.46
145warrant round up2400$0.45
146houston warrant search720$0.45
147court warrants8100$0.45
148probation warrants880$0.45
149court warrant search3600$0.45
150juvenile warrants390$0.45
151douglas county warrants2900$0.44
152warrant database1900$0.44
153chicago warrant search110$0.44
154arrest search165000$0.44
155national warrants1000$0.44
156warrant hotline590$0.43
157ncic warrant search170$0.43
158san antonio warrants880$0.43
159checking for warrants4400$0.43
160court records1830000$0.43
161warrant search arkansas480$0.43
162warrant search massachusetts390$0.43
163bench warrant search free590$0.43
164chicago arrest warrants170$0.43
165capias warrant2400$0.42
166warrant searches8100$0.42
167dallas county warrant6600$0.42
168orange county warrants4400$0.42
169south dakota warrants1600$0.42
170warrant roundup2400$0.42
171orange county warrant4400$0.42
172dallas county warrants5400$0.41
173warrants dallas county5400$0.41
174los angeles warrants2900$0.41
175free bench warrant search590$0.41
176dallas warrant information140$0.41
177warrant in texas33100$0.41
178child support warrant2900$0.41
179felony warrant2900$0.41
180riverside warrant search480$0.41
181free warrant search pennsylvania140$0.41
182hot check warrants590$0.41
184what is a warrant1500000$0.4
185cook county warrants880$0.4
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187fbi warrant search480$0.4
188check warrants online880$0.4
189collin county warrant search720$0.4
190bench warrants27100$0.39
191free warrant checks3600$0.39
192warrant division4400$0.39
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194pennsylvania warrant search1300$0.39
195what is warrant1500000$0.39
196national warrant database91$0.39
197government warrant search480$0.39
200arrest warrants search74000$0.38
201search for warrants135000$0.38
202fugitive warrant1000$0.38
203pima county warrants390$0.38
204capias warrant massachusetts110$0.38
205warrant search pa1300$0.38
206public warrant records720$0.38
207felony warrants1900$0.38
208chicago warrants390$0.38
209bench warrant check2900$0.38
210kaufman county warrants140$0.38
211look up warrants90500$0.37
212ga warrant search1300$0.37
213nys warrants880$0.37
214online warrant search1600$0.37
215brazoria county warrants320$0.37
216online warrant check1600$0.37
217felony arrest warrant480$0.37
218warrant for arrest search90500$0.37
219what are warrants1000000$0.37
220warrant search201000$0.36
221search warrants135000$0.36
222bench warrant search2900$0.36
223arrest warrant check74000$0.36
224delaware warrants3600$0.36
225check for warrants90500$0.36
226felony warrant search260$0.36
227oklahoma warrant search2400$0.36
228warrant look up90500$0.36
229bench warrants search2900$0.36
230illinois arrest warrants1600$0.36
231tarrant county warrant2900$0.36
232search for warrant201000$0.36
233arrest warrant lookup74000$0.36
234warrant arrest search90500$0.36
235dea warrants140$0.36
236look for warrants90500$0.36
237pa warrant search1300$0.35
238warrants search135000$0.35
239collin county warrants1900$0.35
240search warrant201000$0.35
241warrant search oklahoma2400$0.35
242warrant unit2900$0.35
243sarpy county warrants1000$0.35
244ny warrant search1000$0.35
245georgia warrant search1600$0.35
246city warrants12100$0.35
247bench warrant issued880$0.35
248public warrant search720$0.35
249public records warrants880$0.35
250nyc warrants1600$0.35
251nyc warrant check480$0.35
252look up warrants for arrest74000$0.35
253de warrants1000000$0.35
254check on warrants90500$0.35
255warrants for arrest in illinois1600$0.35
256free warrant check online880$0.35
257warrant check135000$0.34
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261check warrants90500$0.34
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264warrants arrest201000$0.34
265check arrest warrants74000$0.34
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290nyc arrest warrants590$0.33
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292warrant search free18100$0.32
293find warrants14800$0.32
294warrant search texas9900$0.32
295warrant lookup90500$0.32
296california warrants8100$0.32
297warrant info1000$0.32
298warrant search illinois1000$0.32
299texas arrest warrants4400$0.32
300texas warrant check8100$0.32

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Keyword : short selling

Keyword : short selling
Rating = 2
Average (Top 100) = $8.96
Max Value (Top 100) = $30.12
Min Value (Top 100) = $4.89
Date = 12/8/2011

No.KeywordGlobal Monthly SearchesApproximate CPC ()
1eu short selling480$30.12
2interactive brokers short selling91$21.05
3buying a stock135000$17.56
4buying stocks short320$17.3
5short buying stocks320$17.26
6short selling mutual funds210$16.61
7mutual funds short selling210$16.2
8purchasing securities12100$15.81
9buying selling stocks6600$15.64
10goldman sachs short selling73$15.38
11purchasing shares33100$14.84
12purchase stock368000$14.76
13buying selling stock4400$14.22
14buy a stock450000$14.08
15short selling etrade320$13.52
16buying securities33100$13.29
17etrade short selling320$13.14
18etf short selling320$13.09
19short selling etf320$12.98
20purchase securities40500$12.88
21buying shares110000$12.72
22short selling etfs260$12.71
23short sale trading480$12.35
24short sell etf320$12.12
25wiki short selling880$12.03
26short selling wiki880$12
27buy securities60500$11.71
28can mutual funds short sell58$11.46
29where to sell stocks74000$10.94
30how to sell stocks74000$10.88
31stocks sell74000$10.84
32selling stock short explanation46$10.73
33short sales wiki720$10.49
34how to short sell gold210$10.34
35short selling futures210$10.13
36short sell gold210$9.74
37short selling forex73$9.16
38short sell currency170$8.71
39short selling currency260$8.61
40short selling online390$8.51
41how to sell shares74000$8.33
42history of short selling1600$8.25
43where to sell shares74000$8.18
44selling shares of60500$7.98
45short selling funds720$7.71
46how to sell shares of stock27100$7.69
47short selling newsletter46$7.68
48how to sell securities27100$7.65
49short selling margin590$7.56
50short selling gold260$7.48
51selling securities27100$7.42
52short sale lenders2400$7.4
53selling a stock60500$7.28
54best broker for short selling91$7.25
55wiki short sale720$7.11
56short selling penny stocks320$6.78
57selling shares of stock18100$6.65
58consequences of short selling a home140$6.58
59explain short selling stocks16$6.3
60short selling restrictions590$6.29
61short selling options880$6.11
62can you short sell penny stocks22$6.01
63wikipedia short selling1300$5.88
64stocks in7480000$5.88
65short selling wikipedia1300$5.8
66what is stocks7480000$5.75
67help you short sell58$5.71
68share shorting8100$5.7
69going short on a stock170$5.68
70what is the meaning of shares49500$5.66
71short sell penny stocks260$5.62
72short selling stocks explained36$5.52
73a stocks7480000$5.5
74short selling usa880$5.5
75short selling a rental property720$5.42
76short selling for dummies140$5.39
77short selling of securities2900$5.31
78an stocks7480000$5.28
79stocks small33100$5.25
80sell bonds short720$5.25
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83what is short selling your home1600$5.14
84short selling strategies720$5.13
85should i short sell my home480$5.11
86short selling explained590$5.1
87selling bonds short720$5.09
88short sell your house1300$5.06
89stock market short selling880$5.05
90short sell process320$5.04
91selling your home short sale1300$5.02
92benefits of short selling1000$5.01
93short selling bonds720$4.95
94short sell versus foreclosure260$4.95
95selling short bonds720$4.95
96how to short sell your house1300$4.93
97short sell house definition36$4.91
98selling short explained590$4.9
99short selling investment property720$4.89
100short selling in stock market880$4.89
101short sell bonds720$4.88
102short selling your house1600$4.87
103short sell mortgage320$4.86
104short sell your home1300$4.86
105short sale assets720$4.85
106short sell my house1300$4.83
107short sell tips91$4.82
108short selling tips720$4.81
109selling a stock short9900$4.79
110short selling your home1600$4.75
111short selling stock9900$4.74
112short selling restriction590$4.73
113should i short sell my house480$4.7
114how to short sell your home1300$4.69
115prices of stocks135000$4.63
116selling short stock9900$4.62
117selling short stock market880$4.61
118short selling a stock9900$4.57
119short selling stock market880$4.55
120selling stock short9900$4.49
121short selling my house1600$4.48
122short selling ideas170$4.46
123short sell my home1300$4.43
124stock short selling9900$4.4
125short selling my home1600$4.38
126stock selling short9900$4.38
127short selling of stocks8100$4.37
128short selling calculator320$4.37
129short selling statistics320$4.32
130selling stocks short8100$4.31
131how does short selling work720$4.3
132short selling brokers1900$4.3
133short selling books590$4.25
134how to do short selling5400$4.25
135short term selling1600$4.23
136finance stocks22200$4.22
137cost of stocks74000$4.2
138is short selling illegal260$4.15
140how to short sell stock8100$4.14
141stocks selling short8100$4.14
142how to short sell a stock8100$4.13
143short sell a stock8100$4.11
144short selling techniques91$4.1
145stocks short selling8100$4.09
146short sell property5400$4.09
147short selling blog720$4.09
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149short selling stocks8100$4.05
150short selling broker1600$4.05
151how to sell short stock8100$4.04
152short sale seller4400$4.03
153stock sell short8100$4.03
154short sale business2400$4.01
155how to do a short sale18100$4
156how to do short sales6600$4
157what is short selling stocks8100$3.99
158sell a stock short8100$3.97
159sell short stock8100$3.96
160short selling treasury bonds73$3.96
161buying a short sale tips320$3.96
162stock short sell8100$3.95
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164short sell stock8100$3.93
165selling short stocks8100$3.9
166what is a stock market5000000$3.89
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168how to do short sale18100$3.85
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171short sale securities2400$3.81
172short sales stock5400$3.78
173companies to short sell320$3.78
174sell short stocks5400$3.75
175short sell house8100$3.74
176stocks to sell short5400$3.74
177value of stocks110000$3.74
178short selling shares2900$3.72
179short sale investor1300$3.72
180art of short selling720$3.71
181the art of short selling720$3.7
182short sell a house8100$3.7
183selling shares short2900$3.7
184stocks short sale6600$3.69
185buy short sales9900$3.68
186stock short sales5400$3.67
187how do you short sell110000$3.67
188what is shares of stock9140000$3.67
189sell short110000$3.66
190hedge fund673000$3.66
191buy a short sale house5400$3.66
192buy short sale house5400$3.66
193short sale of stocks6600$3.66
194short selling disclosure590$3.66
195what is the shares13600000$3.66
197short sell rules1300$3.65
198house short sell8100$3.64
199sell & sell short110000$3.64
200how to short sell110000$3.63
201how to sell short110000$3.61
202price of stocks165000$3.6
203short sales stocks3600$3.59
204short sale stock9900$3.58
205what is sell short110000$3.58
206what is short sell110000$3.57
207sell stocks short5400$3.56
208short sale of stock9900$3.56
209short sale in stocks6600$3.56
210how to sell stocks short5400$3.55
211short sale finance1900$3.54
212short sale stocks6600$3.53
213short selling of shares2900$3.53
214short sell stocks5400$3.52
215cost of stock201000$3.52
216how to short sell stocks5400$3.51
217stocks to short sell5400$3.5
218what is a short sell110000$3.5
219what does short sell mean880$3.49
220how to buy a short sale house5400$3.49
221short sales of stock5400$3.48
222short sale purchase22200$3.48
223investing short sales590$3.46
224what is short selling shares2900$3.46
225how to short sell a house8100$3.45
226shares short selling2900$3.45
227how to buy short sales9900$3.45
228buying a short sales6600$3.44
229shares in13600000$3.44
230short sell110000$3.43
231short sale buy27100$3.43
232what is short selling of shares2900$3.43
233short sale investors1000$3.41
234how to get a short sale14800$3.41
235stocks sell short5400$3.39
236how to sell a short sale74000$3.39
237sell and sell short110000$3.38
238buy short sale27100$3.38
239buying short sales6600$3.38
240how to buy a short sale27100$3.37
241how to do a short sell2400$3.37
242buying a short sale22200$3.36
243short sell home9900$3.35
244buy short sale home8100$3.35
245to sell short110000$3.34
246what is a bear market49500$3.33
247the short sell110000$3.33
248sell short sale74000$3.33
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250selling short stories1600$3.31
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252how to short sell a home9900$3.29
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256buy a short sale27100$3.26
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261buying a house in short sale3600$3.19
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265commercial short sales1000$3.09
266stock shorting14800$3.05
267commercial short sale1300$3.04
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270short selling asx390$3
271good stocks to short sell91$2.99
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274to short a stock60500$2.97
275good short sell stocks91$2.96
276selling short sale550000$2.95
277buying short sale home6600$2.95
278what is selling short550000$2.94
279buying short sale house3600$2.94
280how to short stocks40500$2.93
281buying a short sale house3600$2.93
282short selling550000$2.91
283stocks to sell short now73$2.9
284short selling how to550000$2.88
285short stock60500$2.85
286purchasing a short sale home4400$2.84
287shorting the stock14800$2.84
288house purchasing368000$2.84
289stocks to short sell now73$2.83
290shorting stock14800$2.81
291short selling silver320$2.8
292selling short550000$2.79
293how to short a stock60500$2.79
294short sale price4400$2.79
295long and short selling3600$2.79
296stock short60500$2.78
297property purchasing301000$2.77
298define sell short1600$2.76
299short sell homes3600$2.75
300what is short selling550000$2.73

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